Our Company

Saigon Ruby Investment Corporation operates in financial investment industry in Vietnam. Our company provides different packages of consulting services which diversified to suit each customers’ needs.


Financial Consulting Services:

  • Corporate
    • Fund-raising
    • Business strategies / Corporate restructuring
    • Equitization
  • Personal Financial Consulting Services

Investment Consulting Services:

  • Real Estate Investment
  • Financial investment
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Investment Trust
  • Foreign investments

International Trade Consulting Services:

  • Commercial representatives for foreign partners in Vietnam
  • On-demand services for foreign partners in Vietnam
  • Commercial Services
  • Commercial promotion for Vietnamese and foreign partners

Research - Seminars - Workshops:

  • Market research & Ad hoc analysis
  • Seminars & workshops on specialized topics: real estate, investment and business administration.


Saigon Ruby commits to providing advisory services professionally and efficiently to the investors.

Our Missions & Visions


Saigon Ruby commits to providing the best quality of services that can satisfy every need of the customers.

Saigon Ruby is the middle party that can be trusted by all businesses in Vietnam as well as from overseas.

We aim to build up a long-term relationship with our customers to solve out the question of durability.



Saigon Ruby will constantly improve ourselves to become the most professional and reliable in the field of financial advisory and real estate services.


Company’s core values:

Saigon Ruby is built up base on a team of specialists who work efficiently, professionally and ethically.

Organization Chart