Financial Consulting Services

Corporate Financial Consulting Services:

Financial planning is always an important process that vitally decides the state of a business. Saigon Ruby provides complete & discrete consultancy solution packages depends on the customer’s request. Based on surveys and in-depth analysis on business, customers’ demands and realistic scenario, Saigon Ruby commits to develop the most comprehensive solutions that can adapt seamlessly to our customers’ demands. Saigon Ruby provides several primary services as follows:

  • Consulting on constructing and supporting the execution of capital accumulations plans through the use of the most modern tools available at the time of action.
  • Consulting on constructing Business development strategies / Corporate restructuring by reviewing and re-evaluating the business structure, the business management and administration system as well as functional department’s managing assignment.
  • Consulting on equitization strategy in order to maximize business’ benefits adaptively to market trends.


Personal Financial Consulting Services:

Saigon Ruby provides consultancy services which help to optimize capitals with the target of a long-term reliable & financial guarantees for customers as well as families, supporting their middle and long term plans. With a team of specialists who are experiences in working domestically and internationally, Saigon Ruby has the ability to participate directly in the market study, setting up strategy and supporting customers in managing the personal-owned capital in the most efficient way.

Investment Consulting Services

We at Saigon Ruby are a team of specialists who can understand domestic as well as international markets. With experiences in investing and managing financial portfolio in places such as America, Europe and Japan, our company understands clearly the opportunities, challenges, potentials as well as risks exist in each sector of each market. Additionally, with our domestic and international network of cooperates and partners, Saigon Ruby can inter-connect between investing opportunities with a high rate of success, supporting customers in evaluating the most suitable options relative to their capacities. With investing processes and procedures, Saigon Ruby can meet the customer’s needs of due diligence and any supportive solutions. Saigon Ruby ‘s Investment Consulting Services include the following:

  • Real Estate Investment
  • Financial investment
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Investment Trust
  • Foreign investments
International Trade Services

With experiences and understanding in investing environment and legal issues in Vietnam and overseas, Saigon Ruby commits to providing international commercial consulting services in the most efficient possible way. At the moment we are providing the following services:

  • Commercial representatives for foreign partners in Vietnam
  • On-demand services for foreign partners in Vietnam
  • Commercial Services
  • Commercial promotion for Vietnamese and foreign partners
Researching – Seminars – Training Workshops

Understanding the Vietnamese business’s desire of constantly improve the leadership and managing skill also the foreign business’s desire of advancing the knowledge about the domestic markets, Saigon Ruby organizes seminars and training workshops designed for high level leaderships by inter-connecting with universities and training organizations which are top rated domestically and internationally.


Implementation methods include short-term training workshops, conferences and seminars; all will be supported with detailed contents which are prepared to serve specific professional needs.


Additionally, we also provide research reports based on requests from our customers with contents ranging from microeconomics to any specialized fields.