The Nation & People

Vietnam is a peaceful, beautiful, developing and enthusiastic country in South-east Asia and neighbors to Pacific Ocean; Vietnamese people always desire peace and integrate into the world communities. Here gathers 54 different tribes of Vietnamese brothers and sisters. Vietnam is the cultural cradle of diversification and uniqueness; here is an attractive meeting point for people all over the world.


Vietnam has always been well-blessed by natures with beautiful landscapes. Many wonders and cultural constructions in Vietnam have been written in the world history records, many of which have been certificated by UNESCO to be the world wonders.


In the scenario in which many places in the world have experienced a lot of fluctuations lately, Vietnam is regarded as a safe, attractive and friendly place to come.


In Vietnam, tourists will not only be attracted to beautiful natural landscapes but they will also be impressed by its traditional cultures, its unique history as well as the friendliness conveyed by the people here.

Investing Environment

Being in a local strategic position, Vietnam is an important primary gate point which connects all the routes originated from ASEAN nations and the world through road, airway and waterway systems. Its harbors with depth water level allow cruise ships and heavy transporting ships to be docked safely. This is a very favorable condition for many, especially for sea transporters who deliver their goods through Mekong River to neighborhoods and the world.


Addition to its natural favorable conditions, Vietnam also features good social infrastructures powered by many banking services, telecommunications, schools, hospitals and many public services which are being modernized by evolving aggressively, satisfying the growing demands from domestic  community as well as foreign communities who have come here to invest.


With the population of over 89 million people, Vietnam has many potential and high quality young labors. By being hardworking, smart and creative, these young Vietnamese are essential labor forces for the process of constructing and developing the country. This is a fundamental element that makes foreign investors confident when they decide to invest in Vietnam.


Based on its potentials and advantages, Vietnamese government and citizens have been mobilizing all forces to focus on developing economics; increasing foreign investing attraction by loosening and opening up policies such as promoting free commercialization and investment. Administrative, financial and monetary reforms are also promoted through restructuring the banking systems, dynamic exchange rate adjustment, etc.


Besides, being a member of ASEAN, APEC and WTO associations has impacted positively to the country in term of domestic businesses’ development as well as opens up new opportunities in extending markets, healthy competitions and attracts investments between companies, nationally and internationally.